Psycho-educational Group Sessions


The objective of Maximizing Manhood is to challenge men to be more Reasonable, Resourceful, Responsible, Reflective and Resilient, with the intent of having men become better Mentors, Advocates and Nurturers. The focus is entirely on concerns particular to men with the intent of addressing issues of manhood, mindset, and myths. Both Spiritual and Clinical insight will be employed to gain a more in-depth understanding of the man in light of his relationships to self, others, and his desire to be successful in life.


There are ten (10) weekly group sessions. Each session will be two hours, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Each session will be an interactive process of continued self evaluation and assessment with insights for change. Each session will conclude with a working covenant as a commitment to apply the necessary lessons learned.

Group size

Each group will be a maximum of 15 men, five of which will serve as mentors, each mentoring two men for the period of six months after the sessions are completed.


Mentors are volunteers who have done the program previously and taken an additional two sessions of further skill development. Mentors will maintain weekly contacts with each mentee.


A group reunion will be convened at the end of six months to assess stages of growth and development and to provide additional support if necessary.


Participants will be volunteers recruited from referring sources. A selection interview will be done to assess persons’ readiness and to sign the “Covenant of Commitment.”

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