Pastor and AyanaRev. Dr. Victor Price and Mrs. Ayana Price faithfully serve the congregation of Second Church in Dorchester.

Dr. Price was born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. At age 17 he responded to the call to the ministry and migrated to Trinidad and Tobago where in 1980 he graduated from Caribbean Nazarene Theological College with a Ministers Diploma. After pastoring for a few years in St. Lucia and St. Vincent, he traveled to Boston, Massachusetts and attended Eastern Nazarene College where he completed a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Religion in 1991.

In 1994 he graduated from Boston University with a Masters Degree in Social Ethics and in the year 2000 earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. May 2002 he earned a Doctor of Ministry Degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with concentration on Spiritual Renewal in the Family of God. His dissertation focused on the subject of “Self Determination: Ministering to West Indians in a Land of Social Change and Cross Cultural Conflicts.” In May 2004 Rev. Price graduated from Simmons College with a Masters in Social Work degree and a Certificate in Urban Leadership in Clinical Social Work. He is also a Licensed Social Worker in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Since 1978 Rev. Price has served as pastor to several congregations of the Church of the Nazarene in the Caribbean and United States and has ministered in various world areas in English and in French Creole. He has hosted and taught several Leadership Training Seminars for various denominations training church leaders for effective and efficient ministry and has taught the subject of Urban Experience at Eastern Nazarene College.

Rev. Price is active in a weekly collaborative ministry that fosters the participation of clergy, police, juvenile justice and street workers in addressing youth violence and gang intervention. He has served as an assistant pastor at the Adventist Congregational Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Presently he is the senior pastor of Second Church in Dorchester in the city of Boston.